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A Psoriasis Scalp Oil Can Help With Scaling

by Michael Marenick on Mar 22, 2016

A Psoriasis Scalp Oil Can Help With Scaling

Scalp psoriasis has several different symptoms including; scaling, itching, redness, dandruff and dry skin. Some people may only have scalp psoriasis occur around their ears or hairline. For others the psoriasis may cover the entire scalp. No matter if your scalp psoriasis is mild or severe, a psoriasis scalp oil should be a part of your treatment.

What is a Psoriasis Scalp Oil?

A psoriasis scalp oil is not necessarily a treatment product for psoriasis. It is actually an oil that should be used together with other treatment creams or shampoos that are specifically formulated for scalp psoriasis. Most creams and shampoos include ingredients that are designed to help your body more rapidly exfoliate the dead cells that occur from psoriasis. However, these creams and shampoos can take some time to work. To help accelerate the process a psoriasis scalp oil can soften and loosen the dead cells so they can be removed more easily.

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Ingredients To Look For in a Psoriasis Scalp Oil

Most psoriasis scalp oils start with a base oil like mineral oil or sweet almond oil. These oils can act as carrier oils and often are designed to lock in moisture on your skin. You will often find vitamins such as Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A) and Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C). These vitamins will help your body to produce healthy skin cells. In addition, you should look for various herbal essential oils in a psoriasis scalp oil. These oils are often plant based and could include plants such as marigolds, henna, goldenseal, hops, chamomile and more. The benefit of these oils is to help soften the scaling so it can be more quickly removed from your scalp.

Best Oils for Scalp Psoriasis

To get the most benefit from a psoriasis scalp oil it is often recommended that you apply it at night before you go to bed so it stays on your scalp for the maximum amount of time. During the night the oil will have time to soften and loosen the scaly build up from your scalp. Remember that a little bit goes a long way. You don’t need to cover your hair in oil. A psoriasis scalp oil is designed for your scalp not your hair. Applying the oil from a bottle with a spout tip will allow you to apply the oil directly to the scalp without getting much on your hair. In the morning you should shampoo the oil out with a quality psoriasis shampoo. Some individuals who have psoriasis scalp scaling may benefit from gently massaging the scalp in the area of the scaly build up. Be sure not to scratch, scrape or rip the scales off your skin because this will irritate your scalp more. After shampooing take a fine tooth comb and run it through your hair to remove any scales that may have come loose. After drying your hair you should apply a psoriasis cream to the scalp using your fingertips.

What You Should Include in a Psoriasis Scalp Treatment

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For best results with scalp psoriasis you should include three products. A psoriasis cream, psoriasis shampoo and a psoriasis scalp oil. If used properly and as part of your daily routine you should start to see improvement in your scalp psoriasis in just a few short weeks. For scalp psoriasis one product is often not enough. You should look towards using a full psoriasis scalp treatment package.

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