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Psoriasis Shampoo For Dandruff and Scalp Itch

by Michael Marenick on Jul 15, 2017

Psoriasis Shampoo For Dandruff and Scalp Itch

A quality shampoo can treat various scalp conditions.

By Mike Marenick

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If you have psoriasis than you likely already know there are many benefits to a psoriasis shampoo other than just treating psoriasis. Two of the main symptoms of psoriasis are flaky skin (dandruff) and scalp itch. If you find yourself always scratching your head or embarrassed by the flakes that show up on your shoulders you should consider a psoriasis shampoo. Here’s why.



Dry skin is the most common cause of flaking dandruff. What many people don’t realize is that dandruff can also be caused by having an oily scalp. When your scalp is very oily often a harmless yeast type fungus can develop. The fungus feeds on the oil and dead skin cells on your scalp causing the tell tale signs of dandruff. Dandruff can also be associated with psoriasis, eczema and even an allergy or build up of topical hair care products.

Most people who suffer with dandruff think they should not shampoo their hair daily. The thought behind this is that it will dry the hair and scalp causing more dandruff. There is some truth to this theory but in general if you are using a top rated psoriasis shampoo with the appropriate conditioning ingredients then shampooing everyday should actually benefit your scalp and improve your dandruff condition.

A psoriasis shampoo that contains salicylic acid will help exfoliate any build up of dead skin cells so your scalp can begin to heal. To prevent further flaking you need to nourish the scalp with the appropriate ingredients that will balance the oil on the skin and provide the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Scalp Itch

An itchy scalp is not only irritating it is also embarrassing. Scratching an itch can often make it worse and your scalp can be very sensitive. The cause of the itch can be from both dryness and excessive oil. The way to solve your scalp itch problem is to find a shampoo that will balance the oils on your scalp so it is not too dry or oily.

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The reason a psoriasis shampoo can be so effective for scalp itch is because the ingredients used to treat psoriasis can also do a great job at relieving scalp itch. The process of healing starts with removing the top layer of dead cells.  This is done buy using ingredients that help accelerate the exfoliation process. Then ingredients that moisturize without causing excessive oil will help to balance the skin. A quality psoriasis shampoo should help to significantly improve your scalp itch withing 7 to 14 days of using it.

What Ingredients You Should Look For In A Psoriasis Shampoo

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Most psoriasis shampoos will either use salicylic acid or coal tar as an active ingredient. Both of these ingredients are designed to help the scalp more quickly remove the top layer of dead skin cells. You should probably look for a salicylic acid based shampoo first before trying coal tar because coal tar often has a strong odor.

Next, you should look for conditioning ingredients. A quality shampoo will provide vitamins, minerals and protein. The best shampoos will source this nourishment from a natural source such as plant based extracts or even food based ingredients such as eggs. The egg actually contains every nutrient necessary for life and the protein in egg white is extremely beneficial to the skin.

You should select a psoriasis shampoo that is labeled for daily use. The best psoriasis shampoos should allow you to use it as a daily shampoo even when you are not having a dandruff problem.

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