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How does a Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo Work?

by Michael Marenick on Mar 22, 2016

How does a Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo Work?

When searching for a product to help with your scalp psoriasis condition you will find a vast amount of scalp psoriasis shampoos. A scalp psoriasis shampoo that is not a prescription product will often be found in the pharmacy or over-the-counter drug product area in a retail store. Since scalp psoriasis is a disease any scalp psoriasis shampoo that makes claims to be able to help with scalp psoriasis must meet specific FDA guidelines to be labeled as an over-the-counter drug product.

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What are the FDA Guidelines for a Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo

In general these guidelines require scalp psoriasis shampoo manufactures to include specific active ingredients and to label the shampoo properly. The two main active ingredients found in a scalp psoriasis shampoo are coal tar and salicylic acid. The shampoo could be formulated with one or both of these ingredients but they must contain a specific percent level of each of the ingredient. The amount included in the scalp psoriasis shampoo cannot be less than nor exceed the recommended FDA percentages for each ingredient. The higher the percentage the stronger the scalp psoriasis shampoo.  You will find these percentages listed as the first items in the drug facts box contained on the packaging.  If you do not see a drug facts box then the product should not make any claims about scalp psoriasis and is not recognized by the FDA as a scalp psoriasis shampoo.

Always look for the drug facts box on a scalp psoriasis shampoo.  This is the specific labeling that is required by the FDA. All labeling for any over-the-counter drug product will have a drug facts box that looks exactly the same. The reason for this is because the FDA provides a specific layout design down to the font size and line thickness that is required. The design of this box is so consumers can easily identify on any over-the-counter drug product the specific details about how it works and any warnings.

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Here’s How a Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo Works

Both of the active ingredients coal tar and salicylic acid are exfoliating agents. Since scalp psoriasis causes your skin to over produce skin cells this produces scaling and dandruff on the scalp. If left untreated the scaling can thicken and produce what is known as plaque. Plaque is basically gray or silver looking patches where the cells have begun to thicken. The main function of a scalp psoriasis shampoo is to help remove or loosen these scales by more rapidly exfoliating them from your head. If you have heavy plaque buildup you should find a scalp psoriasis shampoo with the highest percentage of active ingredients.

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A scalp psoriasis shampoo must be left on your head for a longer period of time then normal shampoos

With a normal shampoo most people will lather up and rinse sometimes in less than a minute. With a scalp psoriasis shampoo you will notice the directions will say lather in and leave on head for 1-3 minutes.  Leaving the scalp psoriasis shampoo on your head for a longer amount of time will give the active ingredients the time they need to work.

The negative side to leaving a scalp psoriasis shampoo on your head for up to three minutes means you are also leaving a detergent on your hair for an extended period of time. This is not necessarily good for the hair. For this reason you should look for a scalp psoriasis shampoo that is also a conditioner. These shampoos will often also be safe for color treated hair. A good scalp psoriasis shampoo may cost a little more but will have ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins that are beneficial to both the scalp and to your hair. Some shampoos may even source these nutrients from natural food based ingredients like eggs. Eggs have a full complex of nutrition and egg protein is great for the hair.

When shopping for a scalp psoriasis shampoo look for the drug facts box and check the ingredients. With some careful reading you should be able to find a scalp psoriasis shampoo that is perfect for your condition.

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