What Scalp Psoriasis Products are Right for You?

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Psoriasis is the #1 autoimmune disease in the world.  The number of people with psoriasis is likely unreported due to the number of people who never get diagnosed or who are diagnosed incorrectly.  Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body, but statistics have shown that people with psoriasis on their body are 50% more likely to have scalp psoriasis.

What is scalp Psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes raised, scaly patches that are often raised and reddish. You may have a single patch or several throughout the hair. For some people it can even affect their entire scalp. It is common for scalp psoriasis to appear behind the ears on the back of the neck, around the edge of the hair line and even on the forehead.

There are hundreds of products on the market for scalp psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and dry itchy scalp. Most people have tried MANY of them because they simply cannot find one that works.

What to Look for In A Psoriasis Shampoo

There are two main active ingredients recognized by the FDA for Over-The-Counter products to treat these conditions; Salicylic Acid and Coal Tar.  Both of these ingredients help the body to more quickly remove dead skin cells to help reduce scaling and dandruff.  The FDA provides a range for the quantity of these active ingredients that need to be included in the shampoos for them to work.  The lower the amount the less beneficial.  For example, salicylic acid can range from 1.8% up to 3% concentration.  If you suffer with a severe case or you want faster results you may want to look for the higher concentrations.

Using The Shampoo Correctly

You cannot use a psoriasis shampoo like you do your regular daily shampoo.  Most people think they can just lather up and rinse right out.  If you read the directions on these shampoos it will specifically say that you should lather in the shampoo and leave it on the scalp for several minutes.  This is very important because the active ingredients need time to do the work.  This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when buying a psoriasis shampoo. You will literally be washing your money down the drain if you don't use it correctly.

In addition, because psoriasis is a serious skin condition that can range drastically from from mild to severe you may also need to consider using a cream or scalp oil in addition to the shampoo just to get it under control.  Once you get the psoriasis back in check you can simply use the psoriasis shampoo to maintain the results.

A good quality psoriasis shampoo will also contain a conditioner.  You should not have to buy a separate conditioner to go with these shampoos.  The ingredients found in many general conditioners can be great for conditioning your hair but may also irritate or dry your scalp.  The conditioners used in psoriasis shampoos are formulated to be used with the active ingredients to provide you with healthy looking hair and scalp.

Dermasolve Scalp Kit

So take your time, read and follow the directions and you will see the benefits of using a medicated psoriasis shampoo.

Your Scalp Needs Nourishment to Heal

Most scalp psoriasis products contain ingredients designed to condition or provide moisture.  These are important but are not enough.  Your scalp needs vitamins, minerals, proteins and other essential elements to heal and look normal again.  Look for products that have food based ingredients such as eggs.  Eggs have every vitamin, mineral and protein necessary for life.  There are also many beneficial herbal extracts that can provide additional nutrients.  Shampoos that contain nourishing ingredients such as these may be a little more expensive but are definitely worth the cost.

Supporting Others with Psoriasis
People with psoriasis often feel isolated or alone. You can help others with this disease simply by talking about psoriasis or writing about it on your Facebook page.  If one of your friends sees your posts and feels comfortable to talk to you about it, both of you will gain from the experience.  You will likely be surprised at how many people will say they know someone who has psoriasis.  If you don't feel comfortable sharing your own experience, then consider simply posting about an online community for people with psoriasis.  Or share the link about the National Psoriasis Association.  Psoriasis.org

What You Can Do to Help

  • Post on social media.  Share your story, images of psoriasis or helpful links about psoriasis. And don't forget to tag a celebrity with psoriasis @kimkardashian @cyndilauper @leannrimes @artgarfunkel and there are many more.
  • Join a psoriasis online community or support group. Your support can help others. One good online community is Flaym.io.  But there are others - just google "psoriasis community".
  • Go to a psoriasis event.  The National Psoriasis Foundation has a calendar of events that lists local events that could be near you.

About Dermasolve

Dermasolve is a line of psoriasis treatment products that covers both body and scalp psoriasis.  Dermasolve is also active in educating about psoriasis. For more information just click here: Dermasolve

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