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August Is Psoriasis Awareness Month

by Michael Marenick on Aug 08, 2018

August Is Psoriasis Awareness Month

3 Reasons why psoriasis awareness is important

Psoriasis Awareness Month

Psoriasis affects over 125 million people worldwide.  It is the #1 Autoimmune disease in the world.  Yet many people still don't know anything about psoriasis. Psoriasis Awareness Month gives us an opportunity to share our stories and educate others so we can eliminate the stigma that is associated with this disease.

1. Funding To Find A Cure
The more people talk and learn about psoriasis the better chance we have to raise more funding to find a cure for this disease.  Even with all of the advertising by the pharmaceutical companies most people will struggle to even pronounce the word "Psoriasis".  Keeping psoriasis in the news, in advertising and talking about it on social media helps non-profit organizations and research companies raise money to help find a cure.

2. Eliminate The Stigma of Psoriasis
Most people who struggle with psoriasis will say that it's not the symptoms of the disease that hurts the most, its the shame that causes the most pain.  The emotional stress associated with psoriasis can cause even the strongest person to hide their skin. People with psoriasis would rather suffer wearing long sleeves and long pants on apsoriasis on elbows warm sunny day rather then exposing their skin for the world to see their psoriasis plaques.  People stare and make comments like "eww, what is that".  Or they will be afraid to shake your hand or give you a hug because they think it is contagious. Psoriasis awareness can help eliminate this stigma simply by educating people about the disease.

3. Supporting Others with Psoriasis
People with psoriasis often feel isolated or alone. You can help others with this disease simply by talking about psoriasis or writing about it on your Facebook page.  If one of your friends sees your posts and feels comfortable to talk to you about it, both of you will gain from the experience.  You will likely be surprised at how many people will say they know someone who has psoriasis.  If you don't feel comfortable sharing your own experience then consider simply posting about an online community for people with psoriasis.  Or share the link about the National Psoriasis Association.

What You Can Do To Help

  • Post on social media.  Share your story, images of psoriasis or helpful links about psoriasis. And don't forget to tag a celebrity with psoriasis @kimkardashian @cyndilauper @leannrimes @artgarfunkel and there are many more.
  • Join a psoriasis online community or support group. Your support can help others. One good online community is  But there are others - just google "psoriasis community".
  • Go to a psoriasis event.  The National Psoriasis Foundation has a calendar of events that lists local events that could be near you.

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